Agriculture Science

WCCC's Agriculture programs provide the opportunity to not only receive a well-rounded education in the principles and practices of agriculture along with a focus on sound business practices, but to also tailor their program of study toward their individual interests through tracks in Animal Science, Plant/Crop Science and Agricultural Business. The Sustainable Agriculture program articulates smoothly into bachelor degree programs at Colorado Mesa University. Pathways to bachelor degrees in Animal Science, Agriculture Education, Crop and Soil Science and Agriculture Business are available.


The A.A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture curriculum is designed to provide the necessary skills to manage a profitable, environmentally-sound farm, ranch or agricultural business. Students learn the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture, focusing on crop and animal production with farm business. Emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial and practical field applications. The program includes a cooperative work / internship experience for on-the-job preparation prior to degree completion.

The A.S. in Agricultural Science is designed to provide students the fundamentals and principles of agriculture and related business practices. With this degree, students will be well positioned to transfer into a bachelor degree in agriculture.

Graduates are qualified for employment in a variety of position associated with sustainable agriculture, including horticultural and livestock operations, wholesale and retail management, nursery operations and environmental and agricultural education.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply business communication using listening, verbal and written, and electronic forms.
  2. Apply Mathematical and applied physics concepts for the industry.
  3. Research, evaluate, synthesize and apply information/data relevant to business, sciences, and technical careers
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of terminology, symbols, business practices, and principles and application of associated technical skills.
  5. Perform the necessary applied skill sets to fulfill the needs of entry level employment.
  6. Demonstrate ethical, civic, and work place responsibility as part of professional behavior.

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Program Strengths

  • A quality learning experience in a setting that is unique to Colorado
  • Small class sizes with hands-on instruction
  • Internships with agricultural businesses are available and encouraged

Emphasis/Degree Options

»Associate of Applied Science

Sustainable Agriculture

Program Sheet

»Associate of Science


Program Sheet

Career Options

Horticultural and livestock operations

Agricultural wholesale and retail management

Nursery operations

Environmental education

Agricultural education