Manufacturing Technology

WCCC's Manufacturing Technology program offers affordable, accessible, high quality manufacturing education and training at the Archuleta Engineering Center. Students learn to apply industrial knowledge and skills to plan and implement designs, operate manual mills and lathes, operate computer aided machinery with CAD/CAM software, and computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines.


Students also develop the skills that enable them to read blueprints, apply appropriate mathematical concepts, and understand the properties of metal and polymers. They do so in an atmosphere which encourages the full realization of each individual's potential and development of skills and professional integrity. Students are eligible for paid internships with local manufacturing companies that may lead to full employment.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Use written and oral communication skills needed for entry level employment in the manufacturing industry. (Communication Fluency)
  2. Apply mathematical concepts to perform machining tasks. (Quantitative Fluency)
  3. Distinguish between tolerances and dimensions, as used in the machining industry. (Critical Thinking)
  4. Summarize business practices, principles and application of associated technical skill in the machining in industry. (Specialized Knowledge)
  5. Apply the necessary machining skill sets to perform specified manufacturing processes.(Applied Learning)
  6. Determine ethical and civil responsibility necessary for employees in the machining industry. (Specialized Knowledge)


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 Program Strengths

  • Cross-training in computer-aided design, machining, and welding programs to provide a broader understanding and skill base in manufacturing
  • Current manufacturing technology equipment and software
  • Class activities focus on application and problem solving
  • Designated FeatureCAM Training Facility

Emphasis/Degree Options


Computer Aided Design Technology Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Specialization
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Manufacturing Technology
Program Sheet

»Associate of Applied Science

Manufacturing Technology - Machining
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Career Options

Entry-level machinist
Computer-numerical control operator
Numerical tool and process technician
Manufacturing engineering technician
Manufacturing inspection technician

Gainful Employment

Manufacturing Technology Cluster - 48.0501