Digital Filmmaking

The Digital Filmmaking program introduces students to narrative, commercial, and corporate video production through two emphases. Writing/Directing, along with Production Design, are delivered face-to-face with an intensive project-based learning approach. Each emphasis has three technical certificates along with an associate of applied science degree.

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Students become filmmakers through immersion in the process and by discovering the "whys" that inspire the “hows." From the very first day, they learn by doing through hands-on experience and trial and error. By receiving feedback and correction from our faculty, students are able to ask questions and receive individualized attention in supervised workshops. The teachers demystify the craft of film production and challenge students to master the art of visual storytelling.


The Digital Filmmaking program teaches more than cameras and software. It teaches students the professional approach for everything from screenwriting, to lighting, to editing, to preparing a budget, and screening your work. It gets you thinking about telling stories with pictures in a different way and provides access to people and experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Ultimately, our goal is to empower students to tell stories artfully, cinematically, and originally.

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Emphasis / Degree Options


Writing/Directing focuses on screenwriting; cinematography; lighting; basic video editing and audio design; leadership and supervision; film producing; production management; freelancing; and basic film marketing.

Program Overview Writing/Directing

»Technical Certificates

Writing/Directing Elements Program Sheet

Basic Writing/Directing Program Sheet

Intermediate Writing/Directing Program Sheet

»Associate of Applied Science

Writing/Directing Program Sheet


Production Design

Production Design focuses on in-depth editing; visual effects compositing; art direction; deep cinematic audio design including surround sound, Foley, and dialogue looping; team-building and supervision; film marketing graphic design; event coordination; product distribution; and freelancing.

Program Overview Production Design

»Technical Certificates

Production Design Elements Program Sheet

Basic Production Design Program Sheet

Intermediate Production Design Program Sheet

»Associate of Applied Science

Production Design Program Sheet




Career Pathways

Career pathway programs prepare students for employment in industries while also providing a stepping stone to an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and beyond.

Career Pathways Certificate Length of Program
Writing/Directing Elements 1 semester (12 credits)
Basic Writing/Directing 1 semester (13 credits)
Intermediate Writing/Directing 1 semester (7 credits)
Production Design Elements 1 semester (12 credits)
Basic Production Design 1 semester (12 credits)
Intermediate Production Design 1 semester (9 credits)


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