Concurrent Application and Registration

1. First Time Students
need to Apply Online (must create a CMUconnect account to apply)

  • Start an new application and select the 'Concurrent Student' app
  • Include your Social Security Number for COF verification

2. All students must complete Concurrent Program Registration

  • Must be signed by student
  • Must be signed by HS counselor/official
  • To be completed each SEMESTER
  • HS counselor/official will send registration to WCCC

3. Apply for your College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend

  • This stipend pays for part of your tuition
  • You MUST register on secure COF web site
  • Returning students that have already applied for COF do not need to apply again

4. High School Transcripts

  • Remember to request your current official high school transcript be sent to WCCC
  • Required 3.0 GPA minimum

5. ACT or PSAT/SAT scores

  • If no test scores are available, please plan to take the English and Math Accuplacer tests at Colorado Mesa University's Prometric Test Center before classes begin
  • Returning students, please provide any new scores necessary to meet course admission requirements

Required test score minimums (All students)

  • Any English Class
    • ACT English - 18
    • SAT 2015 or before -Verbal- 430
    • PSAT/SAT 2016 or after -Verbal- 470
    • Accuplacer -Sentence Skills - 95
  • Math 113
    • ACT Math - 19
    • SAT 2015 or before -Math - 460
    • PSAT/SAT 2016 or after -Math -500
    • Accuplacer -Elementary Algebra - 85

Recommended Test score minimums

  • Reading / Verbal
    • ACT Reading - 17
    • SAT 2015 or before -Verbal- 430
    • PSAT/SAT 2016 or after -Verbal- 470
    • Accuplacer -Reading Comprehension - 80


Tuition Costs: See your high school counselor.

Application priority dates (All students)

  • Please submit your application & registration forms to your high school counselor/liaison by:
    • Fall semester - June 1st
    • Spring semester - November 1st


Use this link to update your initial registration form: Add/Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Form

Please send ALL completed application and registration materials to:

Concurrent Enrollment Program

Western Colorado Community College

2508 Blichmann Avenue

Grand Junction, CO 81505

College Credit Transcripts

  • All students enrolled in Concurrent Enrollment courses create a Colorado Mesa University transcript at the end of the semester.
  • Students applying to CMU or WCCC as freshmen DO NOT need to request a CMU transcript; it is already on file and will be accessed prior to college admission and course registration.
  • Students needing to send a CMU transcript to another institution should use the Transcript Request form or request one through a secure MAVzone login. (Click on the 'Students Academics' tab).
  • If you have more questions about college transcripts, Contact the CMU Registrar's Office at 970.248.1555.