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After you have met with your high school counselor, and you both decide that concurrent enrollment is right for you, follow these steps to enroll in your chosen class or classes.
Step 2

Set up MAVzone

Around 3 days after you are admitted, you will receive an email prompting you to set up your MAVzone, or student portal.  You will need access to this portal for registration and course work, as well as your student email.  Please choose a password that you will remember.
Step 3

Verify Test Scores

**The PSAT/SAT+ HS GPA option is only available for students taking MATH 113 at their high school.

Do you meet the requirements? Required test score minimums (all students).

English 111
PSAT/SAT (2016 or after) Verbal: 470
ACCUPLACER Next-Gen Writing: 246
High School GPA  2.75+
Math 113
ACT Math: 22
ALEKS 46-60
PSAT/SAT (2016 or after) Math: 540
PSAT/SAT HS GPA combo** Math: 500 + HS GPA 3.25 or higher
  1. No test scores?

    If no test scores are available, please plan to take the ALEKS Math Assessment.

Step 4

Request Registration

Concurrent students register using one of our registration forms.  Students who have been notified that they have been accepted into a Tech Scholar program, i.e. Allied Health EMR or Transportation Services, should use the Technical Scholars Registration Form.  Students who are taking a college class (i.e. English) at CMU, WCCC, or at their high school should use the Early Scholar and High School Scholar Registration Form.
  1. Technical Scholars Registration Form

    Students should use this form AFTER being notified that you have been accepted into a WCCC Technical Scholars program.

  2. Early Scholars and High School Scholars Registration Form

    Students should use this form AFTER meeting with your high school counselor and agreeing on a course plan. You will need a transcript, as well as proof of placement scores (see step 5 for more information about placement scores).