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Classes for all ages

Whether you're looking to enhance your professional skills, pursue a new hobby, or ensure your child has a productive and enriching summer, the Lifelong Learning program has something for everyone.

Adult learning, self-motivated education, personal enrichment, or just plain curiosity. Whatever you call it, we offer several affordable approaches to learning. Our lifelong learning program is an affordable way to learn about interesting topics, socialize with others with similar interests, explore new hobbies and develop your talents as an employee. We even offer classes that can help grow your business through training employees on leadership, motivation, safety and more.

For younger learners, we offer engaging and educational summer camps designed for middle school and high school students. These camps provide an opportunity for students to dive deep into subjects they're passionate about, meet new friends and gain hands-on experience in a fun and supportive environment.

Summer 2024 Classes

The Summer 2024 Community Education Center classes are available for registration. To register, please click on the button below or call our office at 970.255.2800 for assistance and/or to register over the phone.

Register now for Summer '24 Classes

2024 Summer Camps

The Community Education Center offers summer camps for middle and high school students. School District 51 students who register before June 30 can receive 80% off camp registration by using the promo code SUMMER202480 (while funds are available).

Register now for 2024 Summer Camps


The CEC offers fee-based community education classes. They do not receive any state or local tax funds and are completely supported by your tuition. If you are interested in developing and teaching a community education course please contact the Community Education Office at 970.255.2800. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund will be given if this occurs.

Course withdrawal policy:
Notice of withdraw from a scheduled class must be received three business days prior to the first day of class in order to receive a refund. Notice must be given to the Community Education Office at 970.255.2800 or via email [email protected]