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Certificate of Transportation Services, Southwest Texas Junior College

Honda Vehicle Training, Honda Manufacture School, Denver, CO.

Hybrid Vehicle Training, Arapahoe Community College

Federal Mogul

CarQuest Technical Institute

Napa Autotech

Texas Industrial Vocational Association: summers of 2007-2009

ATI Enterprises

Pearson Instructor Education


Michael A. Carsten received his Certificate of Transportation Services in automotive technology from Southwest Texas Junior College and went on to further his education with many hours of industry training. He holds all Automotive Service Excellence transportation industry certifications for automotive technology. Carsten teaches Fluid Power, Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Drive Train Fundamentals, Chassis Fundamentals, Brake System Fundamentals, Fuel System Fundamentals and many other courses.

He has 23 years of experience working in the transportation industry, primarily as an automotive technician. The last 5 years of field work included his entry into teaching other technicians in a shop environment. He has 16 years of teaching experience in the transportation industry.

Carsten uses several teaching styles including lectures, presentations and discipline-specific videos. Students are allowed to listen to music or work in quiet settings when doing class work. He uses hands-on, project-based techniques to further enhance student learning. Students also work with peers in group settings. He uses projects that require the student to practice problem-solving skills and reinforce understanding through self-evaluation. Research and critical thinking are used throughout his courses and students communicate their knowledge to others by use of presentations.

Students create projects that involve their peers to diagnose and repair them. This may include one or more systems that make up the automobile. Students work on their own vehicles and customer vehicles to practice and gain further knowledge in this industry and practice skills related to real world business, leadership and societal environments. Each year, the students, as individuals and as committees, put on a car show held at the CMU Tech campus.

Carsten hopes to create technical scholars curriculum that aligns high school instruction with existing college courses. This curriculum will also meet National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation standards. He serves as an advisor for Skills/USA and Ford AAA.

In 2013-2014 he had students that placed first and third in the Skills/USA District contest. He also had two students make it to the Ford AAA Hands-On Contest in Denver, where they placed third in the state. He is also an advisor for the yearly car show put on at the CMU Tech campus. He created the SkillsUSA Preparation and T-Bucket Club for high school students. This club meets after school to further enhance students learning and application in the transportation sector. Carsten organizes sophomore tours and open house tours to promote CMU Tech. He is vice chair of the CMU Tech curriculum committee, UCC curriculum committee, and technical scholars committee.