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Jesse Harmon began his career in the military, which gave him a wide spectrum of experiences in the electrical industry. Traveling the world and learning the different ways the world utilizes electricity has been beneficial to his career. 

After the military, he integrated into civilian life and went back to school to fulfill the requirements to become an electrician in Colorado. After becoming a master electrician, he started his own business. 

Harmon teaches multiple topics including AC/DC theory; motor control; residential, commercial and industrial wiring; electrical safety; electrical blueprint reading; electrical maintenance; grounding and bonding; industrial controls; AC/DC variable speed drives; structured cabling system; introduction to PLC; and national electrical code. All of these classes are very different but intertwined and will give students the hands-on training they need to build a solid foundation for a career. 

Harmon's teaching style combines book work, research, calculation and puts those three in physical form. He enjoys seeing pictures and hearing stories of those who have gone out and have been able to help someone with the knowledge that they have learned.