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BS, San Diego State University 
Certified Greenhouse Grower: Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association 


Bryan Reed is originally from Portola, California and enjoys all things related to food. He grows and cooks fresh, local produce and does a lot of food preservation (canning, drying, fermenting). He is also an avid world traveler. 

Reed has worked in the organic and sustainable food industry in Colorado since 1993. He started in the natural food retail business (produce and store management) and has managed three organic farms. While teaching at CMU Tech, Reed attends regional and national conferences on sustainable agriculture practices while consulting at small farms in the area during each growing season.

Reed enjoys sharing both his successes and failures as a professional with students. He wants them to learn current trends and immerging technologies so that they can be employed and help feed our communities with healthy, nutrient-dense foods.