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Joseph Quesenberry received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Colorado Mesa University. He teaches applied mathematics courses such as Career Mathematics, Technical Mathematics and Developmental Mathematics. He also teaches Beginning Mandolin and Guitar and Beginning Bluegrass Jamming.

In the past, Quesenberry has worked as an automotive technician and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine operator, and his hobbies include music and woodworking. He tries to incorporate these into his teaching. Quesenberry centers his continuing education towards the trades - welding, machining, CAD, automotive technology, etc. - and keeps current on the common practices in these fields and how mathematics applies.

On the high school side, Quesenberry finds that in the same class he finds students who are struggling with basic math facts alongside students in AP calculus. Finding applications that are approachable on lower end of the spectrum and still challenging to the students on the upper end is his main goal.

Curriculum Vitae