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Welding Technology

Welding is a skill used in many trades. In this program students become proficient in stick welding (SMAW), TIG welding (GTAW), oxyacetylene cutting/welding (OFC-A/OWA). MIG (GMAW), and flux-core welding. Students study welding and cutting, fluid power and pneumatics, robotics, properties of materials, and basic electrical theory. In addition, training includes blueprint reading and fabrication layout.


Program Strengths

  • Classroom instruction and hands-on lab work prepare students for certification testing with the American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Cross-training in computer-aided drafting, machining, and welding programs to provide a broader understanding and skill base in manufacturing
  • Program meets competency-based standards set by industry

Emphasis/Degree Options

Associate of Applied Science
Manufacturing Technology
Welding Technology
Program Sheet


Manufacturing Technology
Welding Technology
Program Sheet

Career Options

Industrial welder
Ornamental welder
Welding for the oil & gas industry
Health care
Food service
World-wide manufacturing job opportunities

Gainful Employment

Basic Welding- 48.0508

Welding - 48.0501