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Lifelong Learner

Kevinnie Dreher, ‘16

If there was only one thing Kevinnie Dreher learned from her time at CMU, it’s that she can do anything. 

This lifelong learner from New Iberia, Louisiana, already had a biology degree when she and her husband, Billy, moved to Fruita so that he could coach high school basketball. That’s when she joined CMU’s nursing program.

“I was thinking of going to medical school but it was all the way in Denver. I went to nursing school and I’m so glad I did!” she said.

Although she decided not to become a doctor, Dreher eventually left the Grand Valley and earned her doctorate in nursing. After the pandemic hit, she did some part-time telehealth work as a nurse practitioner before signing on as a travel nurse.

“I fell in love with nursing and learning. Not only is the money phenomenal, but I like getting to know the culture of nursing in every state,” she said. “Nursing is ever-changing. It’s probably the most versatile career you can have. If you stop learning, it’s time to get out.”

At the same time she was pursuing her advanced degrees, Dreher was learning how to run a new business.

“When I first came to Mandeville, Louisiana, in 2016, I didn’t know anyone,” said Dreher. “I posted on one of the newbie groups about how I like long walks on the beach and drinking wine, and wondering if there was a group like that. The next morning I had like 300 comments saying, ‘No, but can you start one?’”

Since 2016, WineWives has grown into a wine brand and community for more than 2,200 women in 16 cities across the country.

“I have never been more proud of something that I have done,” said Dreher, “And I’m grateful for CMU. They gave a whole lot to me and my family. I’m hoping that WineWives can establish a scholarship next year for a nursing student.”


Written by Cloie Sandlin