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Serving the World

Byron Williams had never left Las Vegas, Nevada, before attending Colorado Mesa University from 1998-2002. Now he is a world traveler.

He graduated with a bachelor’s in public relations and a minor in Spanish. He also has a master’s degree in international service from American University School of International Service, focusing on U.S. foreign policy and national security.

Currently, he works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the human resources sector, managing three programs, which develop experienced supervisors and another that strengthens the skills of international employees. 

Williams’ love of language eventually led him to U.S. Peace Corps service for 27 months in the African enclave of Lesotho, where he co-managed a youth center that focused on HIV/AIDS education.

“My favorite place that I have lived is Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho, because of the familial nature of the community,” he said, later serving for the Peace Corps in New York City.   

In Williams’ line of work, he gets the most satisfaction from sharing his life experiences and showing people how it can help them.

 “I really value being a part of people coming to see themselves as important members of communities and societies in whatever way they choose to define that.”

Married with three young sons, Williams doesn’t have much time to dedicate to his hobbies of cycling, practicing Wing Chung or reading about foreign policy and national security. He is also a member of the first African American intercollegiate fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha in Washington, D.C.

Up next for Williams is securing employment abroad through another federal agency.

“I feel I have made an impact domestically and would like my family to experience living abroad. To me, there is nothing like learning from and about another culture’s history, language, food and relation to global development than on that culture’s soil.”


Written by Heather Portenier