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437CO Gallery Delivers Distinctive, Perceptive and Non-Conforming Art

Idiosyncratic, classified perceptions and unconventional complete the spring gallery lineup

Colorado Mesa University art and design students announced their senior shows are now on display at 437CO, CMU's art gallery located in downtown Grand Junction. The show represents a return to showcasing art publicly in 2021. The Department of Art & Design worked with CMU officials to establish gallery policies that would allow the show to go on despite community pandemic limitations. The first student art display is called Idiosyncratic. 

"This spring 437CO is returning to full form by presenting the work of our BFA candidate seniors including, Idiosyncratic, Classified Perceptions and Unconventional," said Department of Art & Design Head Suzie Garner. "The work features senior studio art majors and demonstrates their learning and efforts, and the progress made in their artistic journeys. Each show is a major milestone for the student artists and is a culmination of all their artistic discovery while in the art & design department.”

The first exhibition, Idiosyncratic, features work by Jessica Hernandez, Jacintha Turner and Sierra Brundage. Hernandez focuses on connection to nature by creating biomorphic ceramic sculptures inspired by oceanic textures and lifeforms. Turner's sculpture explores fading memories of toys played with as a child. Brundage's painting and printmaking focuses on hope in times of darkness, and a balance between tranquility and discomfort, control and chaos, isolation and escape.

“The opportunity to connect with my faculty mentor has been the most rewarding experience during my time in the BFA program at CMU. She has pushed me and helped me grow as an artist technically, conceptually and personally. Our connection has helped me fully realize the vision I have for my work and my BFA show,” said Hernandez.

Classified Perceptions, the second exhibition, features artwork by Kellianne Copeland, Kayla France and Ayden R. Geertsen. Copeland's functional ceramics focus on the traditional ideas of femininity by exploring contemporary attire and clothing. France's sculptures focus on her internal/external journey to find her true identity. Geertsen's paintings focus on her efforts to find a collective and distinctive visual code within a unique human experience. 

"The most rewarding experience during my time in the BFA program has been the gift of time and space to evolve my artwork," said Geersten. "I know understand the value of a positive and engaging environment and what creative freedom can do for someone trying to evolve their craft.”

437CO will close the semester with the final bachelor fine arts candidate exhibition called Unconventional. This third show features artwork by Kaleb Castleton, Benjamin Costello and Janae File. Castleton's paintings investigate the nature of liminality as he works to disrupt and push viewers to accept that not every situation has a clear resolution. Costello creates sculptures that convey messages he wishes to communicate. File's installation artwork utilizes props and music videos to create particular moods and ideas through lyrics, patterns and textures. Costello discussed the planning for his BFA candidate show and said that, “preparing for such an important milestone in my evolution as an artist has tested my abilities and the discipline required in preparing for the show."

The 437CO CMU art gallery is open to the public from 12-5pm, Monday through Saturday. The gallery also has an online option where exhibitions experienced from the 437CO website. 


Written by David Ludlam