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The Mavily Unit Gets a Makeover

Students can now register their own Mavilys

Shared connections, conversations and experiences are a huge part of the campus culture at Colorado Mesa University. But as with many relationships across the country, COVID-19 halted much of the human-human connection — college student relationships included. This often resulted in confusion and feelings of isolation. In order to combat the sting of loneliness and to perpetuate campus culture, CMU created a program that would rekindle friendships and bring back connection in a real way.

In the fall of 2020, to slow the spread of the virus, CMU put safety protocols in place for students, faculty and staff. Students in residence halls were not permitted to wander between halls to visit friends, and their Mavilys (close-knit circles) were based more on proximity than anything else. When the Spring 2021 semester rolled around, CMU administration evolved the Mavily Unit structure with the option to choose one’s own Mavily and register it with Student Life. 

“Being able to create our Mavily Unit allows us to be together more and experience more,” said CMU junior Ashley Lopez. 

When the virus first made its way onto college campus across the U.S., many students felt a tremendous amount of strain, pressure, sadness and guilt when it came to meeting up with friends. Now, by registering their closest contacts — those both on and off campus — students can safely get together with friends without breaking the rules or putting others at risk. 

“Campus is open and we want students to have fun. They can go to a friend’s house or get together and enjoy each other’s company and not feel horrible for doing it,” said Director of Student Life Shanae Mundee. “This way of doing things also simplifies the contact tracing process, which in return protects the Mavily.”

Sophomore business marketing major Alyssa Winter has six of her peers in her Mavily Unit. Some live off campus while others live on campus like her, only in different halls.

“Last semester we all hung outside together but that was it. Having it solidified this semester is much better. Now we can eat together at Chick-fil-A. Plus, we all share the same major so it’s been great getting to go to the library and study together. Last semester we would all get on FaceTime and study and it was much harder,” said Winter.

Students can register their Mavily Unit anytime throughout the semester. One Mavily can have up to 20 students. If you’re a Maverick and would like to register your friend/peer group you can visit the new Student Life involvement platform, Presence. Find it in MAVzone or on the CMU website.


Written by Kelsey Coleman