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University reinforces commitment to in-person instruction, open campus and expanded student activities for Spring 2021 semester

Colorado Mesa University announced The Future is Now planning update on Jan. 21. The update enhances the campus COVID-19 response plan and reinforces CMU’s commitment to remaining open. The initiative builds on the established foundation for the second consecutive semester of in-person instruction during the pandemic.  

The Future is Now update is forward thinking, optimistic in tone and accompanied by a student music video meant to communicate the optimism and culture on campus. 

This phase is incorporated into the existing Safe Together, Strong Together pandemic plan that serves as the basis for CMU’s pandemic operations, which has received national attention for its innovation, creativity and partnerships. 

“The Future is Now is a metaphor for the idea that taking assertive action now ensures we can continue to deliver on our mission as an institution in the future,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “Our first-generation college students and low-income students especially need and want in-person instruction. They need campus to be open to be successful. This is why we made the plan and is why we are committed to in-person learning this spring.” 

The plan’s update includes information on the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine that when added to the existing baseline pandemic response infrastructure built by CMU will result in continuing improvement and additional protections resulting in the opening of more activities and options for students. 

While safety of students will remain a primary consideration for CMU, the campus plan extends focus of CMU’s testing strategy further into the Grand Junction community. This shift in focus is a result of modeling from the Broad Institute, a collaboration between Harvard University and MIT, that provided CMU information about the necessity of supporting community testing protocols.   

For more information about the updated plan, parents, students and community members are encouraged to review the updated Safe Together, Strong Together: The Future is Now website and contact campus officials with opportunities, feedback and suggestions.  

A $1,000 Future is Now scholarship was announced by the CMU Foundation and any student or parent who shares the student music video titled, The Future is Now and tags Colorado Mesa University with the hashtag #FutureIsNowCMesaU between January 21-February 4 will be entered to win the scholarship prize. The video features the spirit and culture of the student body and reinforces CMU’s relationship with international, renowned researcher Dr. Pardis Sabeti, who continues to advise CMU while partnering with the university on research. 


Written by David Ludlam