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Where We Become Mavericks Courage Award Presented to Fruita Hero

In a critical moment at the Fruita Community Center, a potential tragedy was averted through the swift and heroic actions of five individuals who exemplified courage, preparedness and community spirit. Among these heroes were Program Supervisor Hannah Bihr, Aquatics Coordinator Susan Bissonette and Aquatics Lifeguarding staff Jeremy Heer, Trevor Heer and Leyton Pinedo.

Their response, marked by immediate and expert actions, involved administering CPR and utilizing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to a patron who had collapsed on the basketball court. The combined skill, knowledge and commitment displayed by this team of responders was instrumental in preventing a dire outcome.



Tuesday night, CMU joined the Fruita City Council, District 51 and local first responders at the Fruita Civic Center to honor the five individuals. CMU Tech Vice President Brigitte Sündermann was also present to thank these heroic individuals for their efforts in keeping the community safe.

Tonight was truly a special night,” said Sündermann. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and I was honored to be a part of the honoring ceremony. I can’t thank the City of Fruita enough for including CMU and for organizing the effort.”

Colorado Mesa University takes great pride in honoring the outstanding bravery of these individuals. Among the five responders, CMU wants to recognize Fruita Monument High School and CMU Tech EMT student Trevor Heer for exhibiting courage in the face of fear.

Sündermann had the opportunity to present Trevor Heer with the Where We Become Mavericks Courage Award. This recognition serves as a heartfelt token of gratitude and acknowledgment for his extraordinary bravery and quick response during the incident.

The Where We Become Mavericks Award is given to remarkable local high school students who exemplify the values of Colorado Mesa University. The Where We Become Mavericks partnership between CMU and Mesa County Valley School District 51 is a joint initiative to increase college enrollment in the community. These values include Love, Dignity, Courage, Humility, Resilience, Curiosity and Power. This award is to commend Trevor Heer for his act of courage and for extending himself for the benefit of others and his community.

These five responders, embodying the core values of courage, preparedness and community, serve as a beacon of inspiration. Their quick thinking and selfless actions stand as a powerful reminder of the positive impact individuals can have in critical moments. CMU extends its deepest thanks and admiration to Trevor Heer and crew, acknowledging their significant contribution to the safety and well-being of the community.


Written by Madelynn Fellet