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Why is Peace so Elusive?

CMU Civic Forum: Terrorism, Israel and the Palestinians: Why is Peace so Elusive?

Colorado Mesa University invites the community to the upcoming CMU Civic Forum event, Terrorism, Israel and the Palestinians: Why is Peace so Elusive? This critical forum aims to foster understanding and engage in thought-provoking conversations regarding the atrocities unfolding in the Middle East. 

In light of recent acts of terrorism and violence committed by Hamas against innocent civilians, CMU recognizes the importance of addressing this complex issue. The event will explore the history and challenges associated with achieving peace in the region, emphasizing the values of dignity, humility, love, power and curiosity. 

  • Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 
  • Time: 5:30pm 
  • Location: CMU University Center, South Ballroom 
  • Admission: Free and open to the public 

Distinguished panelists contributing their insights and expertise to this event include: 

  • Doug O'Roark, PhD, Professor of History 
  • Tim Casey, PhD, Professor of Political Science 
  • Holly Oberle, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science 
  • Dan Leshem, PhD, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council 

The discussion will revolve around several crucial topics, including: 

  • Historical ties of the Jewish people and Palestinians to the lands of the Near East. 
  • Enduring consequences of the Holocaust. 
  • A closer examination of the geography of modern-day Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. 
  • In-depth discussions of who precisely are the terror groups of Hamas and Hezbollah and the role of Iran in the region. 
  • Prospects for future peace in the region. 

This event is an opportunity for the community to engage in informed conversations, educate themselves and better understand the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict. All members of the public are welcome, and attendees are encouraged to invite friends and family. 

For more information about the CMU Civic Forum event and to RSVP, please click HERE. 


Written by Madelynn Fellet