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Helpful Solutions for Hard Times

Bradley D. Sharp, '85

Many things come to mind when you hear the word bankruptcy. None of them are good. Businesses faced with this reality though do have options if they visit with Development Specialist, Incorporated (DSI) Chief Executive Officer Bradley D. Sharp at his office in Los Angeles, California. Sharp offers many accounting, financial, legal and regulatory expertise services through DSI, which has offices in New York, California, Florida, Ohio and England.

In some cases, bankruptcy may not be the only solution. Sharp can offer other options, such as restructuring advisory services, to keep the business running.

“We are like emergency room physicians,” said Sharp. “We step in and look at a company’s entire system of operation without any emotional attachment.”

Like an ER doctor, the objective is to make changes that will get the company healthy and back on its feet. The goal is to bring objectivity to give the company a fresh start. Sharp calls this service his most rewarding work.

His latest accolade is to be honored as a fellow to The American College of Bankruptcy, which is a public service association of both the United States and international insolvency professionals. The private process of nominations to this organization is entirely peer driven where the selection committee looks at an individual’s entire career. Those who are invited to join as fellows must have “a proven record of the highest standards of expertise, leadership, integrity, professionalism, scholarship and service to the bankruptcy practice and to their communities.”

When asked if he was surprised to be selected for this honor, Sharp replied he was “stunned.”

Sharp is not modest about touting his CMU accounting degree. After graduation, he left for California and felt completely at ease competing with fellow accountants whose degrees were from Ivy League schools. Sharp firmly believes his education at CMU allowed him to compete in the broader world and his business career record has proved this belief to be correct.


Written by Suzanne Bronson