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CMU students and Help Colorado Now Fund provide financial relief to Mavericks

Maverick Relief Fund dollars increase by $40,000

CMU Associated Student Government Graduate Senator Daniel Haas introduced legislation to aid fellow students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He did so as the list of ways that CMU is supporting students impacted by the pandemic is growing alongside the list of people and organizations helping fund relief efforts.

"During times like these, it is imperative for us to unite around each other. As being a Maverick is truly about giving compassionately and helping those around you when they’re in need," said Haas. "The Maverick Relief Fund embodies this spirit as a chance to ensure that each student is safe in these unprecedented times."

Haas communicated his reason for introducing the legislation as ASG voted to adopt the bill which distributed $15,000 to the Maverick Relief Fund. The donation occurred just as the Help Colorado Now Fund also approved a grant of $25,000 for the same effort. The combined $40,000 is immediately available to offset financial difficulties facing students as the economic repercussions of the unprecedented viral outbreak expand.

“ASG students are honored to provide much needed monies to the Maverick Relief Fund,” said ASG President Beau Flores. “The contribution is a small gesture we feel will has a large impact on the well being of fellow students. ASG is looking forward to finding additional ways to support the Maverick Relief Fund in the future as we continue serving students of Colorado Mesa University."

The contribution was a result of ASG legislation enacted through ASG 19-42, a bill that enabled the financial expenditure. Funds will be distributed to students needing relief who apply for grants, scholarships and assistance through CMU. The university continues adding relief benefit opportunities  to support Mavericks including residence life credits, extended opportunity to withdraw from classes with a refund as well as balance reduction assistance and micro-grants.

As reports of students experiencing challenges with rent, food, transportation, medical bills, child care and other day-to-day needs grow, funds acquired by the Help Now Colorado Fund will go directly to offset these impacts. Roxane White is the Founder and CEO of Strategy with Rox and a CO-Chair of the Help Fund.

"We are so pleased to help CMU students in this extreme time of need," said White.  "The volume of requests has far outweighed available funds and supporting CMU Mavericks is a true honor."

CMU elementary education student Cydney Starks is a recipient of a Maverick Relief Fund Scholarship.

“This scholarship has truly lifted a weight off my shoulders as I thought I would not be able to pay my tuition in time to continue my learning in the fall. This generosity and support means so much and I will make sure my classes and degree are completed so that the generosity is paid forward,” said Starks.

In addition to being a full-time preschool teacher, she is also a middle school volleyball coach and basketball coach. These additional responsibilities demonstrate the role CMU students play in the community beyond their direct identity as a student.

Adult student Sara Moore is a psychiatric technician working at the Grand Junction Regional Center. Her studies at CMU currently focus on psychology and criminal justice where she’s aspires to move forward in her career as a corrections officer.

“From the bottom of my heart I thank the Maverick Relief Fund for support during this time of upheaval,” said Moore. “If this worldwide pandemic has shown us one thing, it’s that people are generous and caring and looking after those around them. I am immensely grateful for my family here at CMU and for their support and generosity.”

In addition to direct relief, CMU has worked with students and parents to provide residence life credits, tuition refunds, deferment of payments and waived late fees and service charges.

“Not a day goes by where we don’t learn of new impacts and new information about how the pandemic is affecting the world, county and CMU,” said CMU Director of Integrated Services and Advising Anna Nichols. “President Foster has advocated that we work each day to maximize support for students in ways that encourage them not to give up on their educations and bettering their futures. We believe we are doing just that with each dollar invested in the Maverick Relief Fund.”

As of May 4, the fund has awarded 115 students a total of $324,149.44 in relief funds.

“The Help Colorado Now COVID Relief Fund support couldn’t have come at a more perfect time,” said CMU Foundation CEO Liz Meyer. “The growing demand is tremendous, but so has the community support. We anticipate more aid will be invested in the Maverick Relief Fund from CMU partners and supporters as impacts from COVID-19 expand.”    


Written by David Ludlam