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Campus life safety guru begins annual testing of CMU safety systems

CMU state-of-the-art smoke control curtain featured above

Most people don't think about safety on a regular basis because CMU's campus is remarkably safe. CMU Life Safety Manager Rick Fox thinks about safety all day long — it's his job.

The growth story of CMU is a remarkable one that has included important investments in Life Safety Systems. The expansion of these systems requires regular testing and maintenance.

On Monday, November 25, Fox and his colleges will initiative a comprehensive safety testing protocol that will include deploying smoke controls, assessing fire barriers, testing fire alarms and sprinklers, and making sure that campus lockdowns are functioning properly.

Fox hopes students and staff aren't scared by the intermittent sounds of alarms or the visible activity around campus, and affirmed his team is going to great lengths to ensure testing occurs during times that are least disruptive to the CMU workforce.

"People may notice that building exterior and interior doors will be locked for brief moments when only those with Public Safety credentials will be able to open doors because campus will be on a lockdown status," said Fox. "This will be just a minor inconvenience as a small tradeoff for a safer CMU that strives each day to be more secure."

Fox explained that at CMU there are more than 12,000 points in the campus networked fire detection-notification system, numerous and varied fire suppression and fire sprinkler systems, and building-specific emergency lockdown systems plus total campus emergency lockdown systems. The myriad of additional complex systems are so good at keeping people safe that, "we tend not to notice them or think about them day-to-day."

The testing will begin the week of November 25 and should be complete by week's end.

In addition to robust safety systems, CMU enjoys unique partnership with the Grand Junction Fire Department and Police Department who often join CMU's campus safety team in drills and training.


Written by David Ludlam