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CMU students attempt Guinness world record in double high-fives

Issues challenge to current world record holder C&IT Summit Forum

Grand Junction – Colorado Mesa University students will attempt a Guinness Book of World Records title and have the current double high-five record holder, C&IT Summit of London, in their sites. CMU students will attempt to beat the forum's 2017 double hi-five record. The attempt will occur on May 3 during a Programming Activities Council event and BBQ.

CMU student of psychology Justin Forrest is chair of the Programming Activities Council and issued a challenge to the C&IT Summit Forum in London.

"We have your 2017 double high-five record squarely in our sites and plan to beat it,"said Forrest. "If we fail in our effort we will mail you a CMU swag kit. However, should your record fall, we are asking you to send each of our student participants a 2019 Forum swag item in recognition of our record beating performance. We await your reply."

The challenge was applauded by CMU President Tim Foster who will help the Mavericks attempt to take down for Forum's record.

"I'm going to high-five all I can to help beat the record and raise some awareness about our student activities council,"said Foster. "Should they gain the record I look forward to seeing what congratulations gifts our friends from across the Atlantic send over."

Greg Harrell is Executive Director of CoachArt and coordinator of the national hi-five day –an event meant to "spread high fives and good vibes around the world."His organization raises money for kids impacted by chronic illness.

"I hope the record falls," said Harrell-Edge. "Anytime students engage in a fun, healthy lighted-hearted effort like this for a constructive cause it lightens up a tense world. I give CMU a virtual high-five for their efforts!"

KKCO 11 News is the official media observer and will serve as the world record attempt judges observing the high-fives.

The event will occur between 3-5pm @The Plaza with the challenge beginning at 3:30pm. For more information about the program activities council the community is encouraged to click here


Written by David Ludlam