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From Garage to Greatness

Aden Cesmat, '18

Aden Cesmat is a master of seizing opportunities and fostering connections. Graduating with a degree in business entrepreneurship from CMU in 2018, Cesmat embodies courage, creativity and community involvement.

During his time at CMU, Cesmat actively contributed to campus life as a CMU ambassador, extending warmth to prospective students and enhancing campus events. His serendipitous encounter with his wife during his first day on campus marked the beginning of a shared commitment to participation within the CMU community.

He is particularly proud of his role in starting the Rowdy Wranglers, along with two classmates, launching the tradition of Rowdy, the live CMU mascot, attending sporting events.

Cesmat’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished with the inception of Airfreshener Marketing, a venture that evolved from humble beginnings in his garage to a thriving enterprise operating from a commercial space. Following a pivot from a previous business endeavor, Airfreshener Marketing found its niche, collaborating with the NFL and esteemed Fortune 500 companies. He has maintained his special relationship with CMU, evident through the production of MAV air fresheners.

A staunch advocate for his alma mater, Cesmat’s ties to CMU run deep, reflected in his commitment to hiring individuals affiliated with the university. Despite plans to relocate to the Front Range of Colorado, Cesmat remains steadfast in keeping his business anchored in Grand Junction, proving his dedication to the community that fostered his growth.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cesmat finds solace in diverse interests, from nurturing his saltwater aquarium to embarking on a journey towards obtaining his private pilot’s license.

However, amidst his myriad of endeavors, Cesmat underscores the importance of building connections, imparting invaluable advice to current students: “Don’t forget to make connections while attending CMU. The community has some incredible people from all walks of life that may leapfrog your career if you connect with them and ask for advice.”


Written by Laura Bradley