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Embrace the Unconventional

Urinetown: Is this really the title of a musical?

Titles can be deceiving and the one for CMU theatre’s next musical is no exception. Urinetown’s title might initially raise eyebrows but the popular musical promises a theatrical experience full of laugh-out-loud comedy and, of course, lots of singing and dancing.

In production from February 29 through March 9 in the Moss Performing Arts Center Robinson Theatre, Urinetown is a satirical exploration of romance, environmentalism and greed. The show is also a pastiche of music theatre styles which pokes fun at the genre itself. Director Mo LaMee saw the original production of Urinetown on Broadway and produced it at the Creede Repertory Theatre when he was the artistic director.

"This musical is one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever seen in the theatre,” he said. “When I told the Creede board we were producing it, they were squeamish. But every performance sold out. Audiences loved it because it was such sneaky fun, the music is catchy and the lyrics witty and sly.“

One of the key reasons to attend this production is the unique blend of humor and social commentary that Urinetown offers. The musical, set in a future where a water shortage has produced a dystopian world in which private toilets are banned, satirizes corporate greed and the consequences of environmental neglect. LaMee emphasized the importance of using humor as a vehicle for social messages, saying, "Through laughter, we can shine a light on serious issues and, perhaps, elicit meaningful conversations.”

Thought-provoking aside, Urinetown is simply an old-fashioned good time. The musical showcases the incredible talent of CMU’s theatre department. The cast and crew bring to life the vibrant characters and storyline with passion and precision. From exuberant musical and dance numbers to slapstick comedy, every element of Urinetown is designed to captivate and engage the audience.

LaMee further encouraged theatergoers to take a chance, saying, "I’d be skeptical too, given the title, but if you like musicals, don’t dare miss this one! You will have a great night out!”

Tickets for Urinetown are available online at


Written by Laura Bradley