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CMU student-athletes spread joy and share the value of higher education at Broadway Elementary

Every year, District 51’s Broadway Elementary hosts its vibrant Fall Fest celebration. It is a time when students and families unite to embrace the changing of seasons with an array of outdoor activities. The event has become a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated as summer gives way to fall and this year it featured bounce houses, pumpkin sales, face painting, games, music, cotton candy and a pizza picnic.

For the past two years, Colorado Mesa University student-athletes have dedicated their time and energy to contribute to the festivities by running games and booths at Fall Fest. These volunteers not only added an extra layer of excitement to the event for students but also served as a testament to the strong community bonds between CMU and District 51 area schools and as role models for Broadway Bears.

In the most recent edition of Fall Fest, just shy of 25 Mavericks from the CMU women's basketball and lacrosse teams joined the celebration. While the Mavericks certainly had fun and played a significant role in ensuring the event ran smoothly, their presence at Fall Fest served a more profound purpose. Beyond the games and laughter, the student-athletes were also ambassadors of higher education and were there to increase local awareness of the numerous opportunities that CMU offers to local students and athletes when they graduate from a District 51 high school.

CMU’s dedication to its surrounding community is exemplified through their "Where We Become Mavericks" campaign. This campaign is a demonstration of CMU's commitment to building partnerships with local elementary, middle, and high school students with the ultimate goal of inspiring and supporting these young minds in their pursuit of post-secondary education opportunities.


Written by Giff Walters