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CMU Downtown looks to open its doors on 5th and Main this fall

Colorado Mesa University is thrilled to announce the opening of its multipurpose space in downtown Grand Junction. This facility marks a significant milestone in the university's commitment to fostering community engagement, creativity and collaboration.

Located in the heart of downtown Grand Junction, the new space will serve as an extension of Colorado Mesa University's campus which will provide a unique environment for students, faculty and the local community to come together and pursue various academic, artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as serve as a storefront extension of the Maverick Store on CMU’s main campus.

“CMU is excited to join a vibrant downtown and continue to add to an already flourishing Main Street,” said President John Marshall. “Downtown Grand Junction has done an incredible job strengthening our historic downtown and we look forward to being a part of it.”

The strategic decision to establish a presence in downtown Grand Junction aligns with Colorado Mesa University's mission to actively contribute to the region's economic growth and cultural vibrancy. By immersing itself within the local community, the university aims to foster stronger connections between its students and faculty as well as surrounding businesses, organizations, visitors and residents.

"Downtown Grand Junction is thrilled to have CMU Downtown on Main Street! CMU is an integral part of our community and we are looking forward to CMU's expanded footprint downtown. The new location will be a welcoming spot to highlight our wonderful downtown and connect the community to our thriving university," said Downtown Director Brandon Stam.

Colorado Mesa University invites the public to join Rowdy, CMU’s mascot, to celebrate the new era of CMU Downtown during the Market on Main on Thursday, July 13 at 5:30pm.


Written by Kelsey Coleman