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Local bank extends support becoming first venue to showcase university’s new mascot

Timberline Bank has a Grand Junction location that is among the newest and most modern commercial buildings in the Grand Valley. The Timberline rooftop patio was a fitting location for CMU to unveil what is a new look for the university mascot, Rowdy. In addition to unveiling the enhanced iconic Maverick, Timberline announced a new homecoming partnership with CMU that includes not only financial support, but encouraged interaction of Timberline customers, employees and leaders with the CMU community.

“The partnership between CMU and Timberline Bank is an ideal relationship," said Jeff Taets, Timberline Bank founder and Co-CEO. “Both organizations focus on their mission in ways that incorporate community in order to enhance community. With the headquarters of Timberline in Grand Junction, and the fact that more than 80 of our employees have a direct tie to the CMU community, our connection to CMU runs deep and will extend long into the future.”

Gathered on the rooftop patio of the bank’s flagship location, CMU and Timberline stakeholders were joined by students and community leaders to kick of Homecoming 2021. CMU Alumnus and Grand Junction City Councilor Phil Pea’ was among the attendees to speak at the event.

“When local businesses show this kind of support for their local university you know you live in a healthy community,” said Pea. “As a CMU alumnus and elected official, I am always optimistic about our future when these kinds of partnerships emerge.”

The sponsorship agreement also provides Timberline employees new opportunities to engage on campus including attending CMU performances and athletic events.img_8262cmunow.jpg

“Any time we can take a partnership and make it about more than financial support we will pursue these dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “Timberline is a CMU supporter who is looking to the future just like we are. That’s why the relationship is such a good fit.”

Around 100 people attended the event at the outdoor venue and were entertained by Rowdy and Timberline's canine mascot Timber, a dog who is expected to make future appearances on CMU's campus.


Written by David Ludlam