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CMU Employees Exhibit Generosity and Engage in Creative Contributions

CMU Foundation receives first cryptocurrency contribution as staff and faculty break giving records in 2020

The year 2020 has included many surprising, unexpected experiences for many people. Challenges like the pandemic and ongoing economic hardships include experiences that some may wish to forget. For CMU Foundation President and CEO Liz Meyer, the year is anything but forgettable as she observed OurCMU (an annual employee giving event) result not only in record contributions from CMU faculty and staff, but also a first of its kind cryptocurrency contribution made to the university.  

The alternative contribution resulted in an endowment and came from the MacEvoy Family Scholarship Fund complements of CMU Professor of Computer Science Warren MacEvoy, PhD and his siblings. They made the cryptocurrency contribution in the spirit of demonstrating philanthropic creativity to make investments in CMU students using vehicles that reflect a donors values and ideals 

“Myself and my two sisters, Shirley and Sheila, attended CMU," said MacEvoy. "All of us used our computer science degrees to create a good life. Given that our training in computer science was the catalyst for our careers, I thought making a contribution in cryptocurrency was fitting symbolism.” 

Beyond cryptocurrencyCMU’s faculty and staff defied economic impacts and uncertainties of the global pandemic delivering to the CMU Foundation a record number of contributions by employees. CMU personnel invested more than $72,000 in CMU. The generosity unlocked an additional $72,000 in matching contributions.  

The dollars contributed paralled a similar and concurrent record where an all-time high of 122 different employees making small to large contributions also broke a foundation record. 

“The Foundation has received property, artwork, jewelry and other forms of contributions beyond cash,” said Meyer. “Getting our first cryptocurrency investment was a fun way to round out the successful event and we applaud the creativity of our donors and how they express their generosity.” 

CMU President Tim Foster was pleased by the outcome and thinks the milestone reflects the values of the people who work and teach at CMU. 

“The fact that a year that produced the most stress and strain in recent memory would also be the year that we see unprecedented generosity is a testament to our teams' dedication to the mission of CMU.” 

For information about how to provide a contribution to your favorite CMU cause or scholarship fund contact the CMU Foundation.


Written by David Ludlam