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Colorado Mesa University launches the Maverick Network

Colorado Mesa University presents the Maverick Network, a set of short films that follow real Mavericks as they take on life as college students. The network was created to give a glimpse into university life and shows the unique, vibrant culture that is CMU.

The network is made up of three shows: Making Mavericks, Maverick Challenge and Script Flip. The first show to launch on the Maverick Network in early October was Making Mavericks with the first episode featuring CMU quarterback Aaron Howard.

In the episode Howard takes viewers into the life of a CMU student and a college athlete.

“What’s going on guys, this is me watching film and I’ll give you a little bit of how I go through things. Back at it at night, getting that grind. I’m going to go to sleep after this so watching this for a little bit. At first what I’m looking at when I’m watching film is kind of the flow of the game but the main defensive sets that they’re in. I watch the whole game and different cuts that coach has for me and then I get ready to go out there and dominate.”

And it’s not just moments on the field, but off.

“This is my girlfriend right here, she is my rock.”

CMU student Taylor Berry, an undeclared freshman, shows what life is like as a young woman as she finds her place in a new environment.

“I’m learning it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to be nervous. And if you never take that leap of faith, then you are never going to meet new people and try new things,” said Berry on going to college in a new place. 


Maverick Challenge is a series all about adventure as Mavericks push themselves to compete against their peers. CMU students strategize their way to the top of a rock wall, race bikes on the new pump track and test their whitewater kayaking skills. Script Flip is a five-episode series that follows the collaboration of the theatre department with several other departments on campus to produce the digital play, She Kills Monsters.

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Written by Kelsey Coleman