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CMUnow on KAFM Community Radio, Episode 13

This episode aired on July 2, 2020

This episode of CMUnow on KAFM features Navy veterans Jordan Lagree and Jeremy Lagree, and Army veteran Desiree Medrano.

Navy veterans and current students Jordan Lagree and Jeremy Lagree

In the first segment, brother and sister Jeremy and Jordan Lagree speak about their time serving in the U.S. Navy. Jeremy served two 10-month deployments. His first deployment was in 2013 off the coast of Syra conducting airstrikes and support. In 2015, he deployed to the Mediterranean/Red Sea. Jordan served in the Navy from 2010-2018 and her first deployment included the Persian Gulf/Red Sea/Arabian Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean. Her second deployment included areas surrounding Europe. They discuss how different their experiences were and what it meant to them to serve our country and defend our civil liberties. 

Army veteran and current student Desiree Medrano

In the second segment, Desiree Medrano recalls her time serving in the U.S. Army. She details some of her experiences when she spent time overseas serving in South Korea, including when the Soule towers were attacked by two missiles. Medrano also talks about what the July 4th holiday means to her as a veteran. 

Tune in to KAFM community radio at 88.1 on the second Tuesday of every month from 12-12:30pm to listen to the CMUnow show.

Full transcript of this episode.


Written by Katlin Birdsall