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A Maverick state of mind and a CMU message of unity

Universities have a special obligation not only to allow free expression but to encourage it. Perhaps more so than any other place in our community, our mission is anchored in the meaningful exchange of ideas from all of the diverse voices at Colorado Mesa University. Our campus is made up of a vibrant community of scholars, learners and professionals who come from nearly every imaginable walk of life. We do our most important transformational work together, as a Mavily. Most recently, during the past month, we have seen across the country a boiling over of frustrations, anger and hurt caused by years and years of injustices and racism experienced by black Americans.

Colorado Mesa University stands united with students of color across our campus and community with a commitment to combat racism, discrimination and acts of violence. As a campus, we are committing together to be better — as allies, as advocates and as a university. We stand in solidarity with our black students in regards to recent events. When a group of our Mavily hurts we all hurt. We are charting a course to actively listen and to then follow-up with a specific action plan. This path will not be easy, we all acknowledge that much. We also may not all agree on every twist and turn along the way, but we are committing ourselves, and we are asking every member of the campus community to join us in this commitment: that we will listen to one another and hear each other's perspectives and experiences. After we do that, we will take the difficult steps to achieve meaningful change.

We have already begun the conversations and the work. Join us.

In Unity,

Tim Foster, President
Aaron Reed, Student Director of the CMU Cultural Inclusion Council
Mahlet Mamo, Student Coordinator of the CMU Black Student Alliance
John Marshall, Vice President for Student Services
Beau Flores, CMU Student Body President
Angel Bautista, CMU Student Body Vice President


Written by Tim Foster