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Maverick Relief Fund

April is a special time for the Maverick family. It’s the birth month of the university and this year Colorado Mesa University turns 95 years old.  

Founded in 1925, the institution originally started as a junior college enrolling just 39 students. Since then, the institution has been renamed, a wide variety of both baccalaureate and master programs have been added and, with strong leadership, campus and student enrollment have exponentially grown.

On a typical year, icelebration of CMU’s birthday, April 10 would kick-off the Colorado Mesa University Foundation’s Day of Giving. Last year, Day of Giving featured 18 campaigns and causes that offered donors various philanthropic opportunities to support CMU students. Today, due to the spread of COVID-19, CMU has just one mission in mind: help the Mavericks most in need.  

These are trying times for many students, which is why CMU created the Maverick Relief Fund. Some students are facing financial strain and it’s CMU’s highest priority to support them to ensure their future doesn't suffer because of the current situation. The hardships are real and are affecting students, their families and their education.  

“My parents both lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and now they are struggling to provide for our family. Even though I earned the Academic Achievement scholarship, I still have a balance to pay off to remain in school,” said a CMU freshman. 

Through this fund, CMU will be making micro grants available to help students who are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 or measures implemented due to the virus. The CMU Foundation is seeking support to match a $175,000 gift to provide $350,000 in micro grants for students who otherwise would not have the ability to continue their education. 

“I worked two jobs while at CMU. I lost both jobs due to COVID-19. I was using my income to live and make payments on my tuition. Without this income, I do not have enough money to pay rent this month,” said one CMU junior.  

$30,000 in financial assistance has already been provided to students who have been financially impacted but supporting even more students is more important than ever. 

For more details or to give visit today.


Written by Kelsey Coleman