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CMU offers free houses to community

Campus improvements and new construction projects require finding new homes for existing ones

CMU announced that numerous existing houses located on campus must be moved and are available to the community. Relocating existing houses is necessary as the university launches a new phase of campus improvement projects. 

“If there is interest in the community, or a need for the homes, we’d prefer that people remove them intact and put the buildings to good use,” said CMU Vice President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Community Relations Derek Wagner. “Important upcoming projects like the CMU Center for Reflection require the removal of the existing homes. During this time of economic challenge, we hope that the homes can be put to good use.” 

The houses are located on and near CMU’s campus and companies or individuals who may want to relocate the homes can submit interest by contacting CMU Assistant Vice President Andy Rodriguez

Realtors, businesses or individuals interested in receiving a university house should consider the following:

  • Do you own property to move the house to?
  • Have you consulted with a house mover to understand what is involved and how much it will cost to move the home to your new site?
  • Each county and municipality has different requirements based on their code and permitting process. Have you reviewed these regulations? 

Prior to moving a CMU house off location the new owner will need to sign an agreement with CMU.


Written by David Ludlam