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Lectureship program sustains public service and education mission using remote lecture

When Dr. Rey Koslowski received the 2020 Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation lectureship he anticipated the academic reward of sharing his research and policy observations directly with students, CMU faculty and the community. When social distancing efforts became a reality during his lectureship at CMU, he joined campus in the move to remote delivery using the CMU Civic Forum’s Open Studio Sessions.

“COVID-19’s short domination of our focus does nothing to alleviate the long terms need for the United States to move beyond the symbolic debates around immigration reform and learn about how the nation can create policy that works for the next century,” said CMU Professor of Political Science and Aspinall Foundation Board Member Justin Gollob, PhD. “I’m pleased that the Civic Forum platform was able to help the Aspinall Foundation and CMU continue this important public policy discussion.”

Koslowski delivered his remarks and lecture from the CMU studio in Escalante Hall and the talk is available through the Aspinall Foundation website as well as the CMU Civic Forum webpage.

Each year the Aspinall Foundation honors Wayne N. Aspinall who remains one of Colorado's most accomplished lawmakers having served in the United States Congress for nearly two decades. During this time Aspinall became one of the nation's leading authorities on water and natural resources.

Wayne Aspinall

CMU President Tim Foster is a former Colorado legislator and is a fan of Aspinall and his legacy.

“The relationship between CMU and the Aspinall Foundation is one that we appreciate and fits nicely with our own John Redifer Institute,” said Foster. “Life as we know it would be different in western Colorado if not for the policy and projects advanced by Aspinall, and CMU is honored to sustain his legacy each year.”

Koslowski’s foundation lecture is available to all students, faculty and CMU community members at CMU Civic Forum. All are encouraged to watch, share and comment on his research and policy concepts.


Written by David Ludlam