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CMU announces all performing arts free for students

Donor contributes to encourage the humanities

The Colorado Humanities Board believes the humanities are not a luxury, but are instead fundamental to the fabric of the nation and to its individual communities — CMU couldn’t agree more. Beginning February 1, the university announced that moving forward all dance, music and theatre arts performances will be free for all CMU students. 

“The humanities are critical for students to explore what it means to be a human being,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “Art, music and literature are roadmaps of human experience from the past, and they help guide where we go in the future. CMU wants to encourage all students to be a part of this exploration no matter what their area of study or discipline.” 

During the course of a decade, Chevon has donated more than $50,000 to the CMU performing arts programs, and was pleased to hear the announcement of free access for students. In response, the company announced that they would contribute $1,000 in award money for students who attend music, dance or theatre events throughout the spring 2020 semester. For every three events attended, students will be eligible to receive award money to the The Maverick Store, CMU's bookstore.

CMU Foundation CEO Liz Meyer said the incentive is a nice gesture from a company who has supported CMU programs for years. 

“The arts are in need of consistent, thoughtful investment,” she said. “Chevron’s decade-long giving has resulted in good things for CMU performing arts students. We are glad to have Chevron help us promote the importance of the arts moving forward.” 

The 2020 lineup for theatre and dance performances includes Fiddler on the Roof, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, The Wolves and the spring dance concert, Celebrating We. Upcoming music events include jazz ensembles, violin and piano concerts, wind symphony and choral concerts. 

“It's important that we send the right message not only to students, but to policy makers and communities,” said CMU Head of Department of Theatre Arts Mo LaMee. “Making all performances complementary communicates we want students at these events and that we believe attending them is important for their education.” 

CMU faculty and staff will provide additional information shortly to students on events they can attend and how to acquire tickets. 

Community members interested in supporting the humanities, arts and CMU students should contact the CMU Foundation.


Written by David Ludlam