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Healthy partnership

CMU and SCL Health have long-standing partnership that spans research equipment, clinical rotations and education


Students’ educational experience is greatly improved by partnerships CMU has formed with local businesses and organizations. These partnerships provide hands-on training for students and professional mentors. One of these long standing partnerships is with SCL Health, which provides the community a vibrant regional healthcare workforce.

Collaboration between CMU and SCL is beneficial for students and medical providers as well as overall community health. The two institutions work together to enhance quality of life for people in western Colorado and eastern Utah.

Throughout the years, SCL through St. Mary’s Hospital has contributed to CMU and students in a number of ways.


In 2018, SCL donated a suite of research equipment to CMU to boost the university’s ability to conduct cellular level research in non-health-related fields. Repurposing this equipment means the tools previously used for cancer research will have an extended life now researching plants, animals and ecological-based applications. The new use will possibly enhance the environment of western Colorado with a proposed project, which will target invasive species. CMU plans to host a community event showcasing the equipment and demonstrating how faculty and students will use it in the research field.

Clinical Rotation

Working together to address the area’s healthcare shortage, SCL provides CMU students clinical training and space for nursing students and physician assistant undergraduate and graduate students.

“Without support from local providers like SCL we wouldn’t be able to provide the real-world clinical education that is critical to the quality of our healthcare workforce development here at CMU,” said CMU Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Director Amy Bronson, EdD.

Around 550 students in health-related programs are trained each year through the partnership.


SCL Health operates St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, which constructed its permanent facility in 1912. Soon after, CMU founded its first campus in 1925. Since that time both institutions have changed, grown and evolved but have worked together for a better community. During the last decade St. Mary’s contributed to the CMU Health Sciences endowment, which today provides permanent funding for programing, research, scholarship and continuing education for faculty.

“SCL Health contributions in the past resulted in our foundation’s permanent ability to provide quality health training now and in the future,” said CMU Foundation CEO Liz Meyer. 


Written by David Ludlam