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  • CIC Signs Resolution

    CIC Signs Resolution.

Statement a result of recent racial transgressions in Colorado

On October 21, 2019 the CMU Cultural Inclusion Council (CIC) signed a written statement in response to racial discrimination observed by the organization occurring across universities in Colorado.

Council Director Jasmin Tellez explained that in the face of ongoing racial strife on other Colorado campuses the CIC believes that restating their values and showing solidarity of mission is an important testament for the council to make.

"CIC strives to foster an open, respectful, and accepting campus through our educational and inclusive initiatives," said Tellez. "On Nov. 21 the council will host a Cultural Differences Panel. The discussion will show that our CIC is committed to the cause of our mission as a student organization committed to fighting racial injustice wherever it may exist."

The statement included signatures from more than ten members of the council and affirmed commitment from the members to advocate for inclusion, education, authenticity, culture, equity, MAVily, acceptance and the ethics communicated by the Daniel's Ethics Initiative.

A complete image of the resolution is found below.


Written by David Ludlam