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How a football game made a MAVily

A community is all about the people in it. It’s about showing up and contributing. When done right, there’s a feeling of fellowship, a sense of unity. In order to build that, people need to participate, and that’s exactly what Colorado Mesa University students did over the weekend.

On Saturday, the CMU football team held a blackout game; they asked for those attending to show their school spirit by wearing black.

“I got the memo there was a blackout theme for the football game so I said okay, ‘black everything.’ I even went to the Maverick Store and got a new shirt,” said student Tori Dufour. “There was such high energy around this game. I felt like I was home.”

Sometimes a simple idea can spark a movement, or in this case, a MAVily.

“Because of the theme, I felt there was more hype leading up to the game. Even before I walked into the stadium I could feel the excitement,” said freshman Addie Ness. “Now I understand what MAVily is all about.”

Campus culture is a powerful influence. It shapes how students feel about their university, themselves and the world around them. It’s a complex topic for many reasons, one being CMU students are diverse; both in their backgrounds and in their interests. But at CMU, the campus culture values togetherness.

 “I think the student body is united in the sense that we all want to enjoy our time here and be a part of activities that can create long lasting memories,” said CMU wide receiver, Kj  Sapp. “School spirit is important, we don’t get to be in college forever; to get out there and be a part of something bigger and to show up to sporting events and theatre performances can be great ways to make the college experience more meaningful.”

About 800 students were in the stands Saturday night. The overall attendance was over 4,000.

“The participation for the Blackout game was the best we have had since The Herd was created in the mid-2000s,” said Sports Information Director Dave Jahnke. “The support and energy the students gave to the team was incredible.”

Current students, alumni and other Mesa County residents rallied behind the Mavericks in a way that reminded many of what is means to be a community.

“There was a real feeling of comradery. You could definitely tell there’s support for the school,” said student Tyler Weldon.

The next home game is on Parent’s Weekend, October 5. The Mavericks will play the Colorado School of Mines at Stocker Stadium at 1 p.m.


Written by Kelsey Coleman