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Goat yoga is a thing, and a popular one at that

Just north of Colorado Mesa University’s campus is Branden Edwards’ goat farm. Edwards, CMU rodeo coach, first started raising the farm animals for rodeo purposes but has since moved into new pastures.

“About two years ago we were contacted about helping out with goat yoga at the Mesa County Fair and since then it’s really taken off,” said Edwards.

From the fair to CMU’s campus, goat yoga is a thing, and hundreds are lining up for it.

“We opened it up to two, 30-person sessions and we filled those spots in 27 minutes,” said Hamilton Recreation Center Director Lynn Wilson. She said the response was so overwhelming, they opened an additional class.

“We didn’t know if the goats would have enough stamina for three sessions,” said Wilson. “But the goat owner heard we had a line so he said we could do it.”

CMU junior Emilee Christensen said she signed up as soon as she heard about it.

“I love doing yoga. I’ve been doing it the past few weeks since the semester started and goats are awesome, so now that the rec center has combined the two it’s amazing!”

Senior Jorge Esparza said he’s not so much into yoga as he is the goats.

“I really like the goats, they’re super cute,” said Esparza.

According to Wilson, one of the rec center’s goals this semester is to take more programs outside. With goat yoga being a trend, the rec center staff thought why not?

“Students get to have fun in the sun and be around animals they might not usually get to be around,” said Edwards. He added how connecting with animals is a great stress reliever and can help with anxiety and depression.

Wilson said they plan to offer more goat yoga this October. 


Written by Kelsey Coleman