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Moving Forward at CMU

Message from CMU President Tim Foster

Those who attended recent campus update sessions observed that CMU remains in a position of enviable strength. The balance sheet is strong, campus continues to grow and academics are enriched by faculty who tirelessly enhance the reputation of CMU. 

Beyond those campus updates I shared earlier this month, CMU is implementing a modest academic and administrative restructuring. These changes aim to streamline reporting on the administrative side, while calling forth different perspectives and ideas on the academic side. 

The administrative reorganization will enable Career Services to report through the Vice President of Intergovernmental and Community Affairs. This change recognizes that Career Services will be working in a community partnership with the Mesa County Workforce Center to broaden employment opportunities for students while continuing to offer individual career development advising and workshops. IRIS will report to the Vice President of Student Services, taking full advantage of the synergy that exists between the current directors and programs that occupy that portion of CMU’s organization. Additionally, Student Mentors and the Office of Student Success will combine to create a new and efficient operation with expanded capacity to support more students in a greater variety of ways. 

The Vice President for Academic Affairs has affirmed several changes on the academic front. These changes will continue to promote academic excellence through fresh ideas and perspectives. The tenure of Calvin Hofer, DMA, is hugely appreciated and his replacement will be Darin Kamstra, DMA. The passing of Russ Walker leaves incredibly big shoes to fill but his legacy will be honored through the hard work and efforts invested by James Ayers, PhD, who assumes department head of physical and environmental sciences. Moving forward, Steve Norman, PhD, will return his focus to teaching as we congratulate Christine Noel, PhD, on her new role as head of the department of business. Additionally, Lisa Driskell, PhD, is taking over as mathematics and statistics department head while the computer science program will join the Department of Engineering on the heels of the good and long-standing service of Lori Payne, PhD. 

As always, my open door policy seeks your input and feedback not just during transitions, but at any time.


Written by Tim Foster