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Statement from CMU President Tim Foster: Board of Trustees

Grand Junction- Colorado Mesa University President Tim Foster released the following statement regarding appointment of three CMU Board of Trustees by the Honorable Governor John Hickenlooper on December 10, 2018.

“Colorado Mesa University welcomes Sonia Gutierrez, Jonathan Anderson and Daniel Ramos to the CMU Board of Trustees. This gubernatorial appointment maintains the professionalism, diversity and talents of the board, and their duty to govern the fulfillment of CMU’s statutory mission. The success story surrounding all aspects of CMU’s growth hinges on the leadership of trustees and their guiding hands in the direction and mission of the institution."

"The three appointees represent an exciting continuation of trustee leadership reflecting the best Colorado has to offer in terms of public service. CMU looks forward to welcoming Trustees Ramos, Gutierrez and Anderson in 2019. On behalf of students, faculty and staff, CMU applauds their public service and eagerly anticipates their meaningful contributions to the future growth and enhancement of CMU.”


Daniel Ramos, MPA, is the executive director of One Colorado. Ramos is a first-generation college graduate as are many CMU students. Ramos is a lifelong public servant and a fifth generation Colorado resident.

Sonia Gutierrez is a business leader and resident of western Colorado. She attended CMU and her interest in serving on the board of trustees includes a strong desire to work on recruitment and retention at CMU.

Jonathan Anderson is a partner at Maven Law Group in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in government affairs as well as nonprofit and corporate legal services. Anderson brings a litany of legal expertise and government relations experience to CMU.