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Little Imaginations startup places WCCC graduate on the worlds' largest pulpit

WCCC certificate earner Brittany Hasemann honored by President of the United States and First Lady

When Brittany Hasemann enrolled at Western Colorado Community College to earn childcare teacher and directorship certificates, she did not know the effort would not only be her entry into childcare, but would also be her path to being honored by the President of the United States.

Hasemann was invited by the White House to share her story and highlight her own experience of starting a childcare home facility in western Colorado. Hasemann began Little Imaginations in Fruita, Colorado, with support from Early Learning Ventures, a program began by the David & Laura Merage Foundation. Early Learning Ventures provided Hasemann with essential startup equipment and guidance. On December 12, she found herself addressing a room of lawmakers, foundations, nonprofits and national business leaders about her journey and experience. 

Hasemann was joined by another WCCC certificate holder Shaye Corzine who is the director of Little Imaginations early learning center. 

During her remarks Hasemann noted the tragic loss of her husband several years ago that left her facing the challenge of raising three children on her own. She explained that the new life circumstances she faced forced her to give up her dream of going into criminal justice. 

"I opened up a childcare in 2010 out of my home," said Hasemann. "Now I own a large home facility. I signed on with Early Learning Ventures in 2015 now I am executive director of my very own center.” After sharing the happy ending of her story, she paused for applause before explaining that she was also aware of the struggles facing child are throughout the nation. Among the list of challenges Hasemann listed included cost, regulatory issues and compliance timelines.

While at the White House press conference she was joined by her three children. 

WCCC graduate and her three children

WCCC graduate Brittany Hasemann
and her three children 

"In a nation of more than 300 million people, getting invited to the White House is an honor that few ever experience for any reason," said CMU President Tim Foster. "When someone who attended our community college makes the world stage you can’t help but be happy for her and her family, and grateful for the role she plays today in bringing visibility to the local, childcare community."

CMU has in recent years expanded its own childcare facility called the Little Mavs Learning Center. The expansion was meant to provide services for students, faculty and CMU staff. In addition, the facility has supported Mesa County and other community partners working to reduce local shortages in childcare options.

Brigitte Sündermann is the vice president of community college affairs and was pleased to see that a community college certificate holder achieved such high visibility.

"Anytime one of our graduates accomplishes something like this it elevates indirectly the value and visibility of our programs. Brittany’s story is one that we can share with future students about what is possible when someone pursues a new education journey," said Sündermann. "Community colleges don’t just open doors, but we help students build their own doors to new opportunity. Ms. Hasemann is a great example of someone who has done just that." 






Written by David Ludlam