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Etiquette Dinner dishes out research opportunity

Geology student and faculty member will use rain meters while conducting research next semester.

A lesson in proper dining etiquette was not the only thing one student walked away with from the Career Services Etiquette Dinner. Geology student Myah Baker walked away with a geology research opportunity.

Baker sat next to her one-time geology professor, Cassandra Fenton, PhD, at the event. The two began chatting at the dinner. They discussed a collaborative research project called "WeCSIP", which is conducted by Colorado Mesa University, Western Colorado University and Fort Lewis College. The project is designed to characterize meteorological sources of precipitation in western Colorado.  

“She was telling me about her interest in geology, and at some point, she mentioned that she was interested in research,” Fenton recalled. “And her enthusiasm really stuck in my mind. Two days later I ended up with a little extra money for small projects and thought of my conversation with Myah and her enthusiasm.”

After their conversation at the Career Services Etiquette Dinner, Baker was approved for GEOL 497 Structured Research for the spring 2020 semester. In this class, Baker will be assisting Fenton with her meteorological research.

“The Etiquette Dinner was a vehicle for us to be able to contact each other and network,” Baker said. “I could see the Etiquette Dinner becoming a vehicle for a lot of different people and a lot of different opportunities for people who wouldn't naturally meet to network and see what they can do together.”

The Etiquette Dinner is one of the many opportunities that Career Services offers. Career Services provides students and alumni with resources and guidance to help them in their journey towards reaching their career goals. They encourage students and alumni to select, analyze and build a career plan or goal. Career Services offers a variety of career events, like the Etiquette Dinner, which enhance the employment skills of students and helps students make employer connections. Baker and Fenton’s connection is just one example of the support that Career Services offers to the students and faculty on the Colorado Mesa University campus.


Written by Zoe Shanahan, student