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CMU Alumni Association Celebrates Annual Meeting and Picnic

At 100 years old Paul Foster received an ovation from members of the Alumni Association as CMU President Tim Foster recognized the centurion's presence during the organization’s annual meeting. The applause occurred among an audience that also included the children and infants of CMU’s youngest alumni. Among the young and seasoned attendees were also elected officials, business leaders and volunteers that constitute the university’s impassioned and accomplished former students and graduates. 

Among the attendees were Katie Berland, Charles Dukes, Josh Garland and Anna Stout who were 2019 recipients of the association’s prestigious Who’s Who award – a commendation reserved for CMU alumni who achieve remarkable goals and who make extraordinary lives for themselves and their communities, post-graduation.

Josh Garland receives Who's Who Award

Anna Stout was among the four honored who represented a diverse array of achievements. Stout, in addition to ongoing contributions to the business and non-profit world, is now also exercising public service. 

The Alumni Association President and staff provided yearly highlights that featured academic success of CMU’s student athletes as well as progress made in achieving campus diversity, gender equity and the university’s deep commitment to the success of traditionally underserved populations that are now thriving at CMU. 

Foster explained to the university’s alumni that more than two thirds of students are first generation and or receive federal assistance. 

“While these demographics face different challenges than more traditional four year students, first generation students enrich our university culture and provide unmatched energy and enthusiasm that makes CMU a tremendous place to live and learn,” said Foster. 

Association leaders also noted that for the first time in the history of CMU more students enrolled from the front range of Colorado than from the West Slope. Foster attributed this groundbreaking enrollment trend to the university’s status of one of the “fastest growing universities in the nation” in addition to CMU’s location, amenities and expanded academic offerings. 

 “The CMU Physician Assistant program had 800 applicants for 16 positions revealing the competitiveness and quality of programs at CMU,” he said. 

Doug Sorter was once a student at CMU and is the outgoing Alumni Association President. Under his tenure the association has grown its ranks with milestones that include additional chapters, increased community attendance of campus events and expanded association events and participation. 

“CMU changed the trajectory of my life so my goal is to now help the university in turn change the trajectory of our community — which is happening in real time and is something I’m excited to be a part of,” said Sorter. “I can’t wait to watch where our new president moves this amazing organization.” 

Tamara Krizman is a CMU graduate who currently serves on the board of the association and assumed the role of President during the annual meeting.

“Doug has done a tremendous job and has ushered the association through an exciting era of growth and change,” said Krizman. “I am excited to continue working on his priorities while also implementing my own.” 

Krizman explained that the newly announced Mavs Recruiting Mavs initiative will guide much of her focus for the upcoming year.  

“We’re going to continue building the Alumni Association through events and strong communication, but we’re investing in this concept that is an awareness campaign. We are asking CMU alumni to think of CMU graduates when they are looking to hire within their organization, start an internship program or are looking for a job themselves." 

For more information about alumni membership, committees or contribution opportunities contact the CMU Foundation.


Written by David Ludlam