Fast Track Summer Courses

In 2018, WCCC is introducing 17 programs to the summer course lineup. Use the summer months to complete requirements for program, some degrees can even be complete before summer comes to an end.

Earn your degree in 4-11 weeks

Interested in nurse aide or automotive/transportation services? Each of these programs have a certificate available that can be completed this summer. Get a jump-start on your career by completing your certificate and be ready to enter your career field. Some of these programs are a part of our Career Pathways model. Start with a certificate and then have the option to work in your field or advance your degree.

Applied Business
Transportation Services

Extended summer course offerings

If you are working towards or wanting to start a program listed below, you can continue progress in your degree without missing a beat. Courses in English, mathematics and reading are also available so general education can be completed as well.

This program prepares students for an exciting career in the field of business. An Associate Degree gives students an opportunity to: lead a team, start a business and develop skills to improve an existing business.  

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
ABUS 155 Social Media for Business 3 5/14 - 6/9 ONLINE 
ABUS 160 Intro to Customer Service 3 6/11 - 7/7 ONLINE

WCCC's Agriculture programs provide the opportunity to not only receive a well-rounded education in the principles and practices of agriculture along with a focus on sound business practices, but to also tailor their program of study toward their individual interests through tracks in Animal Science, Plant/Crop Science and Agricultural Business. The Sustainable Agriculture program articulates smoothly into bachelor degree programs at Colorado Mesa University. Pathways to bachelor degrees in Animal Science, Agriculture Education, Crop and Soil Science and Agriculture Business are available.

Course Course Name Credits Dates
AGRS 293 Cooperative Experience 5 5/14 - 7/26

This program offers students an Associate of Applied Science or a Certificate in the Construction Electrical field. The Construction Electrical program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of opportunities in the construction electrical field. The curriculum incorporates courses in building materials, estimating, planning and scheduling, installations, codes, safety, tools, calculations, and print reading.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
ELCE 124 Electrical Safety 1 6/11 - 7/7 TR 1:30-3p

With hands-on, lab-based coursework leading to certificates and associate's degrees, the Construction Technology program at Western Colorado Community College offers the most comprehensive construction education available in the region. Areas of emphasis include air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electrical and plumbing. This program prepares students for career opportunities in construction supervision through activities involving project management, cost estimating, building materials and project scheduling. Students range from construction professionals looking for the occasional class to upgrade their job skills to students wanting to jumpstart their careers.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
CONC 101 Construction Safety & Regulations 3 5/14 - 6/9 TWR 9a-12p

Developmental courses are designed for students needing to strengthen their academic backgrounds before entering college level courses. Pre-college reading, writing, and math courses numbered 001-099 are not intended for transfer purposes. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor about the need to register for these classes.


Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
ENGC 090 Reading and Composition 3 6/11 - 7/26 MTWR 9a-12p
ENGC 092 Writing Studio 1 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE


Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
MATC 090 Introductory Algebra 4 5/14 - 6/9 MTWR 9a-1p
MATC 090 Introductory Algebra 4 6/11 - 7/26 W 5:30-8:30p
MATC 090 Introductory Algebra  4 5/14 - 7/26 ONLINE
MATC 091 Intermediate Algebra 4 5/14 - 7/26 ONLINE
MATC 091 Intermediate Algebra  4 6/11 - 7/26 W 5:30-8:30p
MATC 091 Intermediate Algebra  4 5/14 - 7/26 ONLINE
MATC 091 Intermediate Algebra  4 5/14 - 6/9 MTWR 9a-1p


Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
READ 092  College Reading Studio 1 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE

The mission of Early Childhood Education at Western Colorado Community College is to provide developmentally appropriate, high quality learning experiences for students in Early Childhood Education. This program is for students seeking careers involved in the care of young children from birth to age eight. Courses in theory and lab practice are combined to provide a comprehensive base of growth and development, with an emphasis on field experiences. Students also learn fundamentals of early intervention, including intervention with high risk, gifted, and developmentally delayed children. This program enables students to meet the educational qualification for an Assistant, Teacher and Director as defined by the Colorado Office of Early Childhood and Colorado State Child Care Licensing. Study is directed toward the Associate of Arts degree.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
EDEC 101 Intro to Early Childhood 3 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE
EDEC 113 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 3 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE
EDEC 205 Nutrition, Health, Safety 3 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE
EDEC 241 Early Child Admin: Human Relations 3 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE

This program will prepare you for a variety of specializations within the rapidly evolving Information and Communications Technology career field. The core of the program is the Cisco CCNA Networking series of classes. These classes are the best path to achieving a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. In addition, the program emphasizes technologies that the entry-level employee will encounter: Network hardware and software, Business Class computer hardware and software, Convergent Data/Voice/Media Communication hardware and software, Internet of Things hardware and software, 3D printing hardware and software, UAS (drones) and Robotics (land drones) hardware, software and management. Curriculum is accredited, approved and aligned with national and international certifications by major businesses and industries in the computing, networking and ICT career fields.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
TECI   132 Intro IT Hardware/Sys Software 3 6/25 - 7/20 MTWR 12-3:45p
TECI   295 Independent Study 3 6/11 - 7/26 

Land surveying involves the scientific process of measuring the three-dimensional aspects of land, which includes the horizontal distance, direction, angles and elevations. Students will learn the fundamentals of land surveying, become familiar with geographical information systems and CAD, and demonstrate ability to gather and analyze geospatial data using multiple technologies to help provide accurate surveying analytics. Students will also learn the Common Law roots of Boundary Law, the importance of maintaining accurate records and how to apply the legal principles in surveying. Graduates with at least two years of previous work experience during their program of study may qualify upon graduation to take the fundamentals of surveying exam as outlined by statute. A student without the requisite experience would sit for the exam after his/her completion of the two-year progressive work experience requirement.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
SURV 207 Surveying Ethics Overview 2 6/11 - 7/26 ONLINE

WCCC's Machine Technology program offers affordable, accessible, high quality manufacturing education and training at the Archuleta Center. Students learn to apply industrial knowledge and skills to plan and implement designs, operate manual mills and lathes, operate computer-aided machinery with CAD/CAM software, and computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines. Students also develop the skills that enable them to read blueprints, apply appropriate mathematical concepts, and understand the properties of metal and polymers. They do so in an atmosphere which encourages the full realization of each individual's potential and development of skills and professional integrity. Students are eligible for paid internships with local manufacturing companies that may lead to full employment.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
MAMT 101 Introduction to Manufacturing 2 5/14 - 6/9 MW 12:30-3p
MAMT 105 Print Reading/Sketching  2 5/14 - 6/9 TR 12:30-3p
MAMT 106 Geometric Tolerancing 2 6/11 - 7/7 TR 12:30-3p
MAMT 115 Introduction to Machine Shop 3 6/11 - 7/26 MWF 12:30-3p 


Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
MATH 107 Career Math 3 5/14 - 7/7 MTWR 3-4:15p
MATH 107 Career Math 3 5/14 - 7/7 MTWR 3-5p
MATH 108 Technical Mathematics  4 5/15 - 7/7 MTWR 3-5p

Begin a career in health care by learning to work in a medical clinic or physician's office. You will learn to perform the administrative tasks of a medical receptionist and work in the clinical areas by helping with physical examinations, diagnostic tests and treatment procedures. Clinical duties can include: taking brief medical histories, obtaining vital signs, preparing patients for examinations, assisting health care providers during examinations and procedures, taking electrocardiograms, preparing and administering medications, and performing phlebotomy and basic laboratory tests. Administrative duties could include using electronic medical records, arranging for diagnostic tests and laboratory services, completing insurance information, answering telephones, scheduling appointments, and assisting with billing and coding.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
MOAP 110 Medical Office Administration 4 5/14 - 6/9 MTWR 5-9p
MOAP 111 Intro to Medical Assisting  3 6/11 - 7/7 MTWR 6-9p 
MOAP 130 Ins. Billing & Coding 3 6/11 - 7/7 MTWR 3-4:59p
MOAP 147 Medical Terminology 4 6/11 - 7/7 ONLINE
MOAP 183 Medical Assistant Internship 5 5/14 - 7/26 MTWR
MOAP 189 Review Med Asst. Nat'l Exam 1 5/14 - 7/26 ONLINE

The Nurse Aide Program prepares the student for employment as a nurse aide in hospitals, skilled care facilities, home health care, and hospice facilities. Basic nursing and personal care skills, legal and ethical issues for nurse aides, restorative services and recognition of the emotional, social, cultural, and individual rights of patients are all competencies covered in the coursework. Students practice these skills in the college lab and in an assigned clinical setting.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
NURA 101 Nurse Aide Healthcare Skills  4 5/14 - 6/14 MTWR 5-9p
NURA 170 Nurse Aide Clinical 1 6/18 - 6/21 MTWR
NURA 101 Nurse Aide Healthcare Skills 4 5/14 - 6/5 MTWR 9a-3p
NURA 170 Nurse Aide Clinical   6/6 - 6/8 MTWR

The Transportation Services Technology program offers affordable, high quality, and accessible training for the modern Automotive and Diesel Technician using state of the art equipment and industry approved curriculum. Instruction in Drive Trains, Engines, Brakes, Climate Control, Suspension and Steering systems, Electronics/Electrical, Engine Performance, Alternative Fueled Vehicles and Automatic Transmissions. This hands-on instruction will give the student a competitive advantage to pass their ASE certification and obtain a stable, high tech, rewarding and high paying job. We pride ourselves in preparing students to be a qualified and productive member of the Transportation repair industry.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
TSTC 100 Intro to Transportation Services 2 5/14 - 6/9 MWR 6-7:30p
TSTC 101 Vehicle Service 3 6/11 - 7/7 MWR 4-6:50p
TSTC 130 Electrical I 2 5/14 - 6/9 MWR 4-5:30p
TSTG  135 Starting and Charging 2 6/11 - 7/7 MWR 7-8:30p

The Viticulture and Enology curriculum is designed to provide the entrepreneurial and technical skills necessary to manage a profitable, environmentally sound, vineyard and/or winemaking business. Students learn the fundamentals of sustainable viticulture, focusing on cultivars that are suitable for Colorado, as well as the science of fermentation, and the fundamentals of producing and testing wine. Emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial and practical field training. As part of their education, students will participate in the establishment and management of a vineyard, and the production of wine. Graduates are qualified for employment in a variety of positions associated with viticulture and winemaking businesses.

Course Course Name Credits Dates
AGRS 189 Viticulture Practicum 3 5/14 - 7/26

Welding is a skill used in many trades. In this program students become proficient in stick welding (SMAW), TIG welding (GTAW), oxyacetylene cutting/welding (OFC-A/OWA), MIG (GMAW) and flux-core welding. Students study welding and cutting, fluid power and pneumatics, robotics, properties of materials, and basic electrical theory. In addition, training includes blueprint reading and fabrication layout.

Course Course Name Credits Dates Format
WELD 110 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 4 5/14 - 7/7 MWF 11:45a-3p 
ELCE 124 Electrical Safety 1 6/11 - 7/7 TR 1:30-3p
MAMT 105 Print Reading/Sketching 2 5/14 - 6/9 TR 12:30-3p
MATH 107 Career Math  3 5/14 - 7/7 MTWR 3-4:15p

The Wildland Fire Management program is the only one of its kind in Western Colorado. Taught by current or retired career firefighters and incident meteorologists, students will be participating in training components in the classroom, on site visits, and field training exercises. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Training Certificate. Wildland Fire Management (WFM) is any work associated with vegetation fires in rural and urban areas, and in the Wildland Urban Interface. Jobs that include WFM are some of the most challenging and rewarding careers available. Unlike the outdoor recreationists who can choose the date, time, location, and type of weather to be outdoors, WFM personnel can respond to fires 24/7 in all types of conditions. Large fires are major incidents that often cross jurisdictional boundaries. Local, State, and Federal fire agencies have adopted uniform standards, training, and operational procedures to better facilitate interagency functionality during fires with multi-agency jurisdiction or response. The NWCG is an organization responsible for standardization. All WCCC training meets NWCG standards.

Course Course Name Credits Dates
FSWM 278 Supervised Work Experience  3 6/11 - 7/26
FSWM 299  Internship 3 6/11 - 7/26