Water Quality Management

Begin a new career managing the processes which improve water quality. The Water Quality Management program prepares students for entry-level employment as technicians in the water processing industry. Water quality technicians work in teams to operate drinking water treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems. The workers plan, test for quality, operate complex equipment to acquire and deliver high quality drinking water or process wastewater for return to the environment.

water quality

This program will provide the student with an understanding of the regulatory expectations, the science involved in meeting regulatory expectations, the equipment used to process water, and the systems management skills necessary to be a successful employee in the water processing industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply business communication using listening, verbal and written, and electronic forms.
  2. Apply Mathematical and applied physics concepts for the industry.
  3. Research, evaluate, synthesize and apply information/data relevant to business, sciences, and technical careers
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of terminology, symbols, business practices, and principles and application of associated technical skills.
  5. Perform the necessary applied skill sets to fulfill the needs of entry level employment.
  6. Demonstrate ethical, civic, and work place responsibility as part of professional behavior.

Program Strengths

  • Provides students with an understanding of the science involved in meeting regulatory expectations
  • Instruction on the equipment used to process water
  • Curriculum emphasizes the necessary systems management skills


Career Pathways

Career pathway programs prepare students for employment in industries while also providing a stepping stone to an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and beyond. Learn more about career pathways.

Career Pathways Certificate Length of Program
Advanced Water Treatment 2 semesters (16 credits)
Distribution and Collections Systems 1 semester (6 credits)
Intro to Wastewater Treatment 1 semester (6 credits)
Mathematics in Water Quality 1 semester (8 credits)
Small Systems 2 semesters (16 credits)
Wastewater Collection and Treatment 2 semesters (16 credits)
Wastewater Distribution and Treatment 2 semesters (16 credits)

Gainful Employment

Water Quality Management 15.0506

Industry Options

Water Treatment Plant Technician
Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician
Drinking Water Control Technicians
Water Pollution Control Technicians