GOALS Program

Greater Opportunity for Academic and Life Success

GOALS is an Academic Support program that provides additional assistance to students who have been accepted into an associate degree program but need to be better prepared for admission into a baccalaureate program at Colorado Mesa University. The GOALS program is designed to give you additional support and help you build the skills needed to succeed within the college environment.  

There are five major components to the GOALS program. As a GOALS program student, you will:

  1. Enroll in UNIV 102: College Success course for 2.0 credits during your first semester.  This course is designed to help you accelerate your academic and personal growth while mastering the skills needed to be successful as a college student.  Additionally, the course provides an opportunity for you to explore major and career options.  During your second semester, students will enroll in UNIV 103: College success II for 1.0 credits to further their major selection and career exploration. 

  2. Take preparatory math and/or English classes, if needed, during your first semester. You are required to earn a passing grade of C or better in these classes to continue.

  3. Enroll in a maximum of 15 credit hours the first semester to ensure that your first year is not overwhelming.

  4. Attend mandatory advising with the GOALS lead Advisor and UNIV 102 instructors to discuss progress in classes. Advising sessions assist you with academic and career options and provide support, encouragement and assistance during your first year.

  5. Receive assistance and information about possible careers and majors, and explore options that may lead to a more satisfying career. The GOALS program is a pathway for students to earn a 4-year bachelor's degree, 2-year associate's degree or certificate.

GOALS is designed to help you achieve academic milestones. CMU/WCCC offer students career ladders that progressively lead to degrees in a number of fields. GOALS is designed to help you climb those ladders — earning a certificate, an associate’s degree, an associate of applied sciences degree or a baccalaureate — to a career that interests you.

To Learn more about the GOALS program review the Frequently Asked Questions 

Contact the GOALS Advisor:

Lori Epperson
Tomlinson Library, Room 308


Students sitting on campus