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The Colorado Basin Roundtable's Integrated Water Management Planning Framework Project created guidance and on-line data tools to build a foundation for conducting comprehensive integrated water management plans in the mainstem Colorado River Basin in Colorado. The purpose of these plans is to identify ways to provide water for environmental needs in conjunction with the needs of agricultural, domestic and industrial water users. The Hutchins Water Center at Colorado Mesa University coordinated the project, and most of the technical work was conducted by Lotic Hydrological.

The Final Report for this project is available for review here.

The website that houses the on-line tools referred to in the report is here.


Stakeholder Meetings

People with interests in the agricultural, recreational, municipal, industrial and environmental uses of water in Colorado’s portion of the Colorado River Basin, from Grand County to the Grand Valley, are invited to help the Colorado Basin Roundtable identify the data and communication tools needed to develop plans to meet environmental water needs alongside the needs of other water users.

December 20, 2017, 10am - noon
Meeting to kick off final phase of this project, with a presentation by Lotic Hydrological and their partners on their work plan. 
Colorado River District - Large Conference Room
201 Centennial St # 200, Glenwood Springs, CO


Remote Connection Instructions


August 17, 2017
PRESENTATION (slides with live links to data dashboards)

June 1, 2017
Glenwood Springs Community Center




August 16, 2016

Glenwood Springs Public Library Conference Room



Consulting Work

The Hutchins Water Center and the Colorado Basin Roundtable are contracting with Lotic Hydrological for help with the development of a guidance and framework document to help inform integrated water management planning in the main stem Colorado River Basin in Colorado. This, along with additional stakeholder interviews carried out by the Hutchins Water Center and project steering committee, will constitute Task 4, the final work product for the project.

Lotic's statement of work for this phase is available here

The Hutchins Water Center and the Colorado Basin Roundtable previously contracted with Lotic for the development of data visualization tools to inform integrated water planning. You can view the final presentation of this phase of work here


This project was initiated in April 2016, with a pair of grants from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The original project plan, budget and timeline are set out in the following scope of work document. SCOPE OF WORK

We experienced some delays in issuing the RFP linked above; here is the Revised Timeline for the project. 


Resource Guide

Tasks 1 and 2 of this project involve developing an on-line, annotated bibliography of resources related to streamflow needs and maps showing data for stream reaches across the basin.  The bibliography and maps are under construction in the "Colorado River Headwaters" section of the Hutchins Water Center's UPPER COLORADO RIVER BASIN RESOURCE GUIDE

We have also put the same studies that appear in the resource guide into this Excel Spreadsheet