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Military Service is unlike any other human experience.  No one knows more about the issues facing a student veteran – in combat or on campus – than another student veteran.  Peer Advisor for Veterans Education (PAVE) is a program designed to pair up new student veterans with current student veterans.  Providing the new student veteran with a resource of knowledge.  The current student veteran, or Peer Advisor, becomes a resource for new student veterans to ask questions ranging from academic, benefits, employment, and physical/mental health. 

If you would like to be a Peer Advisor or be paired with one, please contact Corbin at (970) 248-1739. 


PAVE Microsoft Teams - Tutoring

This link is to access the PAVE (tutoring) Microsoft Teams which allows veterans and dependents to directly message Corbin remotely.  He is running our tutoring program with PAVE.  We understand during this time of uncertainty it is difficult to access help and we are doing what we can to ensure you are still receiving the resources that are available to you.

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Upcoming PAVE Events

Please check back for upcoming events.