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The ASCENT program permits eligible students to participate in a "5th year" of high school while enrolled in college courses. ASCENT program participants are counted as high school students for funding purposes, but take all classes at the participating college. Student tuition is then paid by the school district for the ASCENT year.

Students are eligible for this program if they meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Be on track to complete all graduation requirements and Higher Education Admission Recommendations (HEAR).
  • Be on track to earn at least 9 college credits by the time of anticipated graduation.
  • Be approved by high school administration for ASCENT program.
  • Eligible students must not be in need of basic skills coursework.

Important Considerations

  • ASCENT students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid, including federal or state work study during their ASCENT year.
  • ASCENT students are not eligible for CMU merit scholarships during their ASCENT year.
  • Full-time tuition is paid for by the school district.  Students and families are responsible for general student fees, course fees (if applicable), textbooks, and housing/meal plans, unless otherwise advised by the school district.



Colorado Department of Education