Required Content/Licensure Testing

In accordance with our goal of providing teachers who are competent in subject matter, the Colorado Mesa University Center for Teacher Education (CTE) requires content testing prior to admission to the teacher education program and prior to beginning student teaching.

CTE Admission Testing

See our CTE Admission Testing page to learn more about testing requirements to apply to the Teacher Education program.

Testing Requirements for Student Teaching - Praxis II

To be eligible for student teaching, all student teacher candidates submit scores of a state-approved content area licensure exam. Students are required to submit passing scores prior to their internship semester. Students are encouraged to take their Praxis II at the end of their Junior year. 

Praxis II Registration Information

**Praxis exams are accepted for ALL content areas as of June 9, 2016.

Select an endorsement area below for more information on required content exams.

Education of Young Children
Preparation Materials:

Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects – all subjects are required      

Praxis Code: 5001 (code used to register for all subjects as once) 

Scored by subject:
  • EE MS Reading & LA: code: 5002; required score: 157
  • EE MS Mathematics: code: 5003; required score: 157
  • EE MS Social Studies: code: 5004; required score: 155
  • EE MS Science: code: 5005; required score: 159
Registration Tips:
  • To register for all 4 subject exams at once, use the 5001 test code.
  • Must pass all 4 subjects.
  • You can take or retake the subject exams separately. To do so use the individual exam codes:
    Reading (5002); Math (5003); Social Studies (5004); Science (5005).
  • See our Praxis II Registration Quick Steps for help with registering for the test.
Preparation Materials:

Secondary Content Exams

  • English Language Arts - Secondary: code: 5038; required score: 167
  • Mathematics - Secondary: code: 5161; required score: 152
  • General Science - Secondary: code: 5435; required score: 152
  • Social Studies - Secondary: code: 5081; required score: 150
  • Spanish - Secondary NEW!!!: code: 5195; required score: 163

See our Praxis II Registration Quick Steps for more help with registering for the test.

Preparation Materials:

 K-12 Content Exams - NEW!!!

  • Art: Content and Analysis Grades K-12: code: 5135; required score: 158
  • Music Grades K-12: code: 5113; required score: 161
  • Physical Education Grades K-12: code: 5091; required score: 148

See our Praxis II Registration Quick Steps for more help with registering for the test.

Preparation Materials:

The PLACE exam was discontinued after May 2017.  Passing score for all PLACE exams is 220. 

CDE Exam Changes per CDE Website:

  • The newly adopted Praxis exams will be accepted in Colorado based on our Colorado Endorsement Requirements after June 9, 2016 and will be available to be taken in Colorado after September 1, 2016.
  • The current Elementary Praxis exam #5018 will be offered in Colorado until September 1. After September 1, 2016, the newly adopted Praxis Elementary Exam #5001 Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects will be available to be taken in Colorado. Praxis exam #5001 replaces exam #5018 as the required exam.
  • The last administration of all PLACE exams will be May 6, 2017. Scores from these exams will be accepted until May 6, 2022 if taken prior to May 6, 2017.